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Civil servant 'forgot to wear underpants' on day trousers fell down, tribunal is told

A CIVIL servant whose trousers fell down exposing his buttocks to work colleagues claimed Dustin the Turkey would do a better job than his managers.

The male staff member took a case against an unnamed government department claiming "discrimination" and "victimisation" as a result of a disability.

The complainant told the Equality Tribunal that his manager was "useless and unable to handle his staff fairly". The case was dismissed.

He claimed that "Dustin the Turkey" would do a better job and that many of the managers in the respective workplace are "simply ineffectual".

And he alleged that he was given "less favourable treatment" by his employer which he said was an "ongoing" issue.

He further argued that after lodging a complaint with the Equality Tribunal, his employer took disciplinary action against him resulting in him being suspended with pay on August 29, 2011.

The Equality Tribunal dismissed the claims, and determined that there was no evidence of discrimination or victimisation.


The Tribunal heard that on August 25, 2011 the complainant's trousers fell down in the respective office -- exposing his "bare buttocks".

The individual involved said the incident was an "accidental exposure" and that on the day in question he had "forgotten to wear underpants".

He alleged that he was suspended because he "had tapped a female colleague on the shoulder" but conceded that other "minor" incidents had also occurred.

He told the tribunal that his manager had told "complete lies" about the incident.

During the hearing, the employer denied all allegations of discrimination or wrongdoing, adding that the complainant was turned over for promotion as he "failed to reach the standard required".

The employer further asserted that the suspension was due to a direct result of the "serious allegations of disruptive behaviour in the workplace, serious misconduct in relation to a female member of staff, engagement in a defamatory campaign against his colleagues and managers and an incident of serious inappropriate behaviour where the complainant's bare buttocks were exposed to his manager".

An internal disciplinary investigation by the government department is ongoing.