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City's young jobless get €302k training boost


Joan Burton

Joan Burton

Joan Burton

BALLYMUN is in line for a €302,000 education and training bonanza for young people on the Live Register.

It has been identified as a suitable pilot project for the significant grant – €250,000 from the EU and €52,000 from the Government.

It guarantees access to career guidance for every person under 25 who is unemployed. They will also receive tailored training, education and work experience which will hopefully lead to full employment.

The Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton TD, confirmed that residents in north Dublin will benefit from one of the first Youth Guarantee Schemes to proceed in the EU.

Member states with the highest youth unemployment rates have been tasked with drawing up action plans by the end of this year and continue the roll out of the €6bn scheme.

Youth unemployment levels have shot up to 26.3pc and there is now 25,818 under 25s on the live register for a year or more.

Ballymun resident and Labour TD John Lyons said it was a major boost for the area.


"The pilot will work by engaging any young person in Ballymun under 25 who comes onto the Live Register in Ballymun during the year-long pilot, as well as the 360 young people on it in for over a year," he said.

"The job centre will engage up to 90 young people a month in total from these two groups."

Dublin MEP, Emer Costello, congratulated the area on its selection as a European Pilot Project for the Youth Guarantee, adding: "We can't underestimate the corrosive impact on a community of large numbers of young people unemployed."

On Friday, a seminar on the Youth Guarantee will be held in Liberty Hall with Mr Costello and Ballymun Jobs Centre manager Mick Creedon.