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City's coffee drinkers pay for dad to fly in to help daughter battling cancer


Eric and Rashel Winn with her husband Seamus

Eric and Rashel Winn with her husband Seamus

Eric and Rashel Winn with her husband Seamus

The dad of a woman battling cervical cancer has thanked the Dublin coffee-loving public for raising over €45k in one week.

This funding allowed him to fly to Ireland to be at his daughter's side.

Eric Winn, the father of award-winning Dublin barista Rashel Winn, flew to Dublin from Seattle on Monday thanks to funds raised by the city's coffee community, who were touched by her story.

Rashel (28) was diagnosed with cervical cancer in April 2015 and last week her father revealed that her condition was deteriorating following an infection.

Eric expressed his gratitude to the hundreds of people who donated to Rashel's campaign, which will go towards supporting specialist treatment in Chicago. "It's been incredible. The outpouring of support that Rashel has been receiving has left me speechless," he said.

"I'm so proud of the life she's created here and the love that has been displayed by everyone who knows her.


"The funds raised will go a long way to relieve the burden and worry about the financial side of things. It has been phenomenal."

Eric admitted that Rashel's battle with the disease is every parent's worst nightmare, but his family is taking every day as it comes.

"To be a parent watching your kid go through this, it is unimaginable and horrible. You think you would die, but now I find myself in the midst of it.

"Right now, we hope that Rashel might be well enough to travel on Friday, where the specialist team at North Western Memorial [in Chicago] are waiting to admit her. It hasgiven us, and her husband Seamus, hope."

Eric commended the generosity of businesses such as 3fe on Grand Canal Street, who donated all coffee proceeds to Rashel's campaign on Friday.

He also urged the parents of teenagers to be forthcoming when it comes to the HPV vaccine. He said: "I feel certain that if Rachel had gotten this as a teenager she would not be in this situation."