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City water cuts to last 12 more days

HUNDREDS of thousands of Dubliners will be affected by water restrictions for another 12 days -- at least.

Dublin City Council said the constraints would continue until drinking water supplies at Stillorgan reservoir reach 1,000 megalitres.

The amount of treated water in storage at the facility was close to 600 megalitres as of today.

Outside Dublin, supply shortages have eased, though difficulties persist in Cork, Galway and Clare.

Dublin City Council said the Stillorgan reservoir should hold two days' production, or more than 1,000 megalitres.

A spokesman revealed that 12 or more days of continued rationing would be required to get the reservoir back to those levels.

Some 545.4 megalitres of treated water was produced on Saturday night, while demand stood at 521.7 megalitres, allowing 27.3 megalitres to be put in storage.


In Dublin, water in many areas was being restricted from 6pm today until 7am tomorrow.

While treated water is in short supply, there is an abundance of raw water in the main reservoir at Poulaphuca, the city council said.

It added that, despite the "positive news" of its treated water supplies outstripping demand on Saturday, "restrictions will have to continue to ensure that drinking water storage levels return to normal levels".

"The restrictions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the regime may have to be altered if the situation changes," the local authority said.

"A large number of internal leaks have already been identified on properties empty over the holiday period. All keyholders throughout the city should return to their premises as soon as possible to check for leaks on their property," it said.

The decision to supply homes and businesses with water throughout New Year's Eve did not diminish the surplus in Dublin city.

Meanwhile, some of the €300m set aside to upgrade the public water network could now be spent on repairing burst pipes, it has emerged. A review of the handling of the recent cold snap by local authorities is to take place later this week.


However, the Department of the Environment has ruled out compensation for businesses affected by water shortages or ungritted roads.

The County and City Managers Association (CCMA) said that almost 20,000 local authority workers were out over the Christmas period distributing 80,000 tonnes of salt.

"This was a major operation for local authorities because the weather conditions were so severe," CCMA chairman Eddie Breen said.

In Dublin, the areas where supplies will be cut include Ballyboden, Ballyfermot, Navan Road, Mespil Road, Anglesea Road, Brunswick Street and Ballymun.

Over the weekend, the city Council sent tankers to Artaine Castle Shopping Centre, Lidl on St Margaret's Road, Northside Shopping Centre, and Griffith Avenue.