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City to spend €1m in huge blitz on graffiti

DUBLIN City Council will spend €1m cleaning up graffiti in the capital over the next three years.

The massive problem affecting public parks, streets, buildings and walls across the city will be tackled.

All council properties will be cleaned and private properties will also be targeted.

The council will also spend money on raising awareness about the persistent problem.

While Cllr Cieran Perry said the clean-up is necessary, he warned it is "dead money" because the problem will reoccur. The council has spent €500,000 on graffiti removal provided for in its 2009 budget.

Cllr Perry said: "I'd like to see value for money for that million, which would involve looking at ways to have it removed much quicker or prevention with the policing aspect or using chemicals.

"While it might make the area nice for a period of time, within six months it'll be back up just as unsightly as it was."

Cleaners will remove offensive graffiti from privately owned property, if it's political, religious, racist or personalised.

Cllr Perry urged the council to use street cameras to identify graffiti culprits.

A spokesperson for DCC said it works with pupils to combat the problem, through the Green Schools Programme and the Classmate publication. DCC encourages gardai to include an anti-graffiti message in visits to schools and organisations.