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City premiere colder than Iceland - Richard

Richard Dormer may have spent months filming in Iceland for new Sky Atlantic drama Fortitude but the Irish actor says the weather there was nothing compared to home.

The show is set in the sleepy town of Fortitude in the Arctic Circle.

Richard plays local police chief, Sheriff Dan Anderssen (inset) who must investigate a murder that threatens the future of the town itself.

"It was colder at the premiere in Dublin on Thursday than it was in Iceland," he told the Herald.

"It was loving seeing Chris [Eccleston] and Luke [Treadaway] as well - it was like a family reunion. It was a party."

Richard previously played Beric Dondarrion in Game of Thrones and admits landing the lead in Fortitude was a "dream come true".

"It was the most exciting thing I've ever done. It's a killer role and I can't believe I got it. I kept having to pinch myself because I was in something that I'd really love to watch," he said.


The Belfast native also revealed that shooting the series felt like they were making a James Bond film.

"Working on this was like working on a 12-part film because the techniques they used were very cinematic and we felt like we were in a James Bond movie. There were so many action sequences and big helicopters and speed boats. It really is an epic production - making TV on this level is a dream to work on," he said