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City motor tax office to shut down next month

PROTESTERS have lost their battle to halt the closure of the capital's busiest motor tax office.

Nutgrove Motor Tax Office in Rathfarnham -- which serves approximately 300,000 members of the public -- will close on April 5.

Despite a five-month campaign led by TD Shane Ross, Dublin City Council has refused to keep it open.

The Herald had revealed that council bosses flagged Nutgrove for closure as early as November 2010 in a bid to generate savings.

The decision to shut one of the capital's four offices shocked staff members and representatives in the city.

Opponents say the closure will put serious strain on the elderly and those with disabilities, who will now be forced to travel to offices in Clondalkin and Ballymun for motor tax services.

Some staff members of Nutgrove attended this week's city council meeting as Independent councillor Damian O'Farrell attempted to table an emergency motion to prevent its closure.


However the motion was blocked -- sparking a furious reaction from Cllr O'Farrell.

Cllr O'Farrell told the Herald today that the closure will have an "enormous impact" on the city.

"We're not talking here about the closure of a pub or club we're talking about an office that has for years delivered an essential service in the city. 100,000 people go through its doors every year, the council haven't thought this true at all.

"This is another axing of a service provided to the citizens of Dublin city . There seems to be less and less consideration for the service user by the council in recent months."

The city council said there would be no job losses as a result of the closures.

"The staff from the Nutgrove Office will be reassigned to the other three motor tax offices -- Smithfield, Ballymun and Clondalkin," the council said.