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City mayor set to honour space hero Hadfield

IT'S one small step for astronaut Chris Hadfield, one giant leap for Dubliners.

Spaceman Chris Hadfield is to be honoured by the capital city with an award from the Lord Mayor Naoise O Muiri.

The awards recognises individuals who have made a special contribution to Dublin and its citizens – it is rare for a non-Irish national to receive the accolade.

The astronaut drew close to one million followers on Twitter by documenting his daily life aboard the space station. He posted videos of everything from shaving to the food that they were eating. However, it was his photos from space of the landscape of Ireland – and Dublin in particular – that cemented his link with Ireland.

The commander of Expedition 35 on the International Space Station even grappled with the Irish language and tweeted a photo of Dublin with the caption: "Ta Eire fioralainn! Land of green hills and dark beer. With capital Dublin glowing in the Irish night."

Commander Hadfield touched back down to earth last week after five months in space. His daughter Kristen, a student at Trinity, will accept the award on his behalf as he is readjusting at Nasa's space centre in Texas.