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City housing list jumps by a third in two years


Barry Cowen

Barry Cowen

Alan Kelly

Alan Kelly


Barry Cowen

DUBLIN city's social housing waiting list has jumped by a third in just two years.

Some 21,592 households are waiting for homes. This includes 18,255 children.

The waiting lists have hit a historical high this year as the Government is committed to a nationwide investment in social housing which many feel will not meet demand.

Some 60pc of households listed were added to the list in the last five years.

There are currently 1,310 households on the list that are categorised as homeless. Meanwhile, more than 7,000 people have been waiting longer than five years to be given a home.

A shocking 1,368 people have been waiting for more than 10 years to be given a home.

Fianna Fail's spokesperson on the Environment and Local Government, Barry Cowen, hit out at the mounting figures.

The size of the lists are down to "complete inaction" on the Government's part, he claimed.


"Despite access to record low interest rates and a deflated construction industry, the current Government has built a woeful 338 social housing units for Dublin since 2011," he said.

"This represents a mere 85 new units constructed per year, and does little to address the growing housing waiting list, let alone reverse the upward trend."

The growing waiting lists come shortly after Dublin City Council announced that it had run out of funding for refurbishing voids.

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly recently announced a €60m investment in social housing for elderly, disabled and homeless people.

The funding will see some 334 houses come online for people who are applying for housing under these categories by the end of 2017.

A spokesperson for the Department said that the Government was tackling the crisis in a "serious way" with a dedicated Dublin Social Housing Delivery Taskforce driving policy in the capital.

"Combined funding for the Dublin local authorities comes to over €500m," he said.