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City gets late late Christmas lights show

Dublin city's Christmas lights are still sparkling -- midway through January.

The lights have yet to be removed from most of the capital's main shopping areas, a week after the majority of households have taken down their own decorations. The Christmas tree on O'Connell Street is also still standing.

A spokesman for Dublin City Council told the Herald that traders own most of the street decorations.

"We assist with it in terms of providing men and material but on any given street the traders would own them.


"We would put them up and there would be a fee for that," he said.

The council would remove the lights when requested to do so by businesses. In relation to the O'Connell Street installation, which the council owns, the spokesman said it is intended to take this down at the weekend.

There are a number of other Christmas trees around the city also owned by the local authority and all of them have either been taken down or will be removed at the weekend, he added.

Apart from the tree on O'Connell Street, none of them are still lit up.

The spokesman said the installations are usually taken down between January 10 and 15 so it is no uncommon for them to be still in place this late into January.

The O'Connell Street tree is 60ft high. It weighs five tonnes and has 100,000 bulbs of different sizes.