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City forced to withdraw its Dublin Bay dump project

CITY chiefs have been forced to back away from controversial plans to dump 824,000 tonnes of waste in Dublin Bay.

Dublin City Council has been instructed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to withdraw its 'dumping at sea' application.

The move was immediately welcomed by politicians, who had been inundated with complaints about the dumping.

But it is likely to be a short-term measure as the council says it intends to resubmit its proposals "very shortly".

The council's application, under the Dumping at Sea acts, concerned the depositing of spoil approximately 3km from the Baily, at Howth.

The material, mainly crushed rock, will be generated during the building of a 9km pipe on the floor of Dublin Bay.

"The EPA has reviewed the application and has deemed that it should be withdrawn because some of the documentation regarding assessments and environmental impacts were not received in time to allow members of the public to make observations," Labour TD Sean Kenny said.


"These are vital aspects of the application and they should have been submitted on time," he said. He pointed out that he called on the EPA to refuse the application last January.

"Sub-aqua clubs who use Dublin Bay have raised the safety concerns of sports people as it would detrimentally affect the visibility and clarity of the water," Mr Kenny said.

"Dublin City Council need to consider alternatives to dumping the material on the Dublin Bay seabed as the cloud/plume/dirt from the proposed dumping would be swept back into the bay on the tide."

The council said the proposed "long sea outfall tunnel will be constructed as a bored tunnel through virgin bedrock underlying Dublin Bay".

He added: "The spoil from the tunnel will consist of inert materials, mostly crushed rock of varying sizes."

The council has already received approval to landfill the material but this option would involve some 70,000 HGV transfers, he said.

A spokesman said: "The EPA have requested Dublin City Council to withdraw the application which is now being withdrawn and will be resubmitted so that a new round of consultation can take place with all of the information available to the public and the EPA. Dublin City Council intends doing this very shortly."