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City council foots €12m bill for pavement falls


 Dun Laoghaire. Picture: Ray Cullen

Dun Laoghaire. Picture: Ray Cullen

Dun Laoghaire. Picture: Ray Cullen

Crazy paving costing capital

Dublin City Council (DCC) has paid out €12,490,922 over footpath falls in the past five years, and has forked out almost half-a-million so far this year.

This is the highest amount paid out by the four authorities in the county. DCC has paid a total of 143 footpath falls from 2009 until last month.

The number of personal injury claims in relation to footpath falls has risen year on year since 2009, and the single biggest payout was €115,000.

In 2013, a total of €3,292,068 was paid out – the largest annual amount.

The 2012 total of €2,903,934 was the result of 40 different claims. City bosses identified several different blackspots where most falls occurred, and in 2012 there were seven different falls in the North Circular Road alone.


Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council (DLRCC) has paid out €9,116,125 in public liability claims since 2009. A total of 732 claims were paid over that period, but the council was unable to identify what the claims were for.

It was also unable to state where the accidents had occurred and was not able to provide a figure for the single biggest sum paid out for a claim.

Last year, DLRCC paid out €1,838,358 which was more than double 2012's figure of €915,958. The council paid out the highest amount for personal injuries in 2009 when they cost them €2,678,946.

In terms of employer liability claims, DLRCC has paid out €696,708 since 2009.


South Dublin County Council (SDCC) paid out €1,413,513 for 75 footpath fall claims since 2009. The highest costs to the council were incurred in 2009 when it paid out €301,600 for 19 footpath fall claims.

There were 17 successful claims in 2011 which cost the council €205,621. In 2010 only four claims were successful, with the council paying costs of €119,000. There were 20 last year costing SDCC €510,741.

The council paid out €276,551 for 15 successful footpath fall claims in 2012. SDCC could also not identify a single highest payout, nor an incident blackspot, saying "there are no blackspots or areas within the county where trips and falls occur on a regular basis. They are spread around the county".


Fingal County Council (FCC) has paid out €842,400 in personal injury claims relating to footpath falls since 2009.

There were 65 successful claims over that period but no one area was identified by the council as a blackspot for the incidents.

There were 24 successful claims in 2009, 12 in 2010, eight in 2011 and 19 in 2012.

There were only two successful claims last year, costing the council €6,500.