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City businesses to save on their bin collections

BUSINESSES in Dublin city can now avail of a reduced-cost waste collection and more efficient collection times.

The idea to streamline the service for a reduced rate was the brainchild of DublinTown, an organisation that represents around 2,500 city centre businesses. All of the 14 waste collectors operating in the city are invited to sign up.

DublinTown has negotiated a 20pc reduction in the average cost of yearly waste collection, which for restaurants can reach €2,000.


"The scheme will provide significant savings and it will help to keep the streets cleaner," DublinTown chief executive Richard Guiney told the Herald.

At the moment, with a range of companies looking after business waste, collection times vary and there was a growing concern that this was leading to unsightly city streets.

"Some are less diligent than others," Mr Guiney explained.

"As a result there was a concern that streets weren't looking their best because of bags being left for too long," he added.

If enough city businesses sign up this new Group Waste Scheme it is expected that together they could save up to €1m a year.

Based on similar models used in places like Trafalgar Square, a group scheme is the obvious solution, Mr Guiney said.

DublinTown provides a number of other services to help keep the city centre clean in order to encourage extra footfall in the area.

The group is also tasked with removing graffiti and claimed that last year it removed graffiti covering the equivalent of one-and-a-half times the size of the Aviva stadium.

The cost of graffiti removal comes to around €125,000 a year, according to DublinTown.