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City boxers to pack even bigger punch after ¤5k donation

DUBLIN boxers beware -- there's a new club in town and they're about to up their game, thanks to a €5,000 gift from Dublin Bus.

Having just received much-needed funds, Palmerstown Boxing Club are one of 10 lucky volunteer organisations to win a €5,000 grant from the Dublin Bus CSP, for their efforts to promote the sport.

"It has really got people in the town talking," said Carole Jones, child protection officer for the newly founded club.

Set up in April, the club caters for boxers of all levels, from as young as 10 and already has 80 boxers.

It has taken some star hitters on board.

Super bantamweight champ Bernard Dunne has become involved, while his dad Brendan joined the ranks as a senior coach.

"Bernard has been dropping in and we've had a lot of interest from cruiserweight Ian Tims as well - he's coaching some of our women's classes," secretary Sean Moran told the Herald.

"We've had a lot of support from the boxing community."

Awarded for their social initiative, the sporting society is using their prized €5,000 to invest in high-quality training gear for their young students.

"The boxers only pay €5 a week, for three training sessions. The club is self-funded, so it's great to get a hand buying equipment."

With a committee of 12 volunteers and a rented premises from the local parish, Carole and her colleagues invested €4,000 from their own pockets.

"It's a welcome distraction for children who have difficulty in schools or for those who need to vent frustration and control their aggression," she said.


"Thanks to the training a couple of nights a week, we're not seeing as many of them hanging around now."

Up to 60 teens are taking part in the fun, and Sean insists there is noticeable difference on the streets of Palmerstown.

"Only last week I saw a group of them on a corner practising with a jump rope -- I got a sense of satisfaction that we're helping."

Olympic boxing champion Michael Carruth, congratulated the club. "I'm delighted for them, any bit of funding is much needed and is always greatly appreciated - especially during a recession," said the Dubliner.