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Malahide: Cars targeted in beach areas


Malahide Castle, Co Dublin

Malahide Castle, Co Dublin

Malahide Castle, Co Dublin

While burglaries have decreased in the Malahide and Portmarnock areas, thefts from cars are on the rise.

A number of random car thefts from beach car parks have been reported in the last two months.

When locals leave their car for walks on the beach, criminals have smashed in windows to steal any valuable items left on display.

Beach areas are not the only places where cars have been stolen as there was an incident in the Seapark estate in Malahide last month, where a car was stolen from outside a house.

The keys were in the ignition to warm up the car and de-ice the windows at the time.

The majority of burglaries that have taken place in Malahide in recent weeks have occurred during the daytime and the target has been mainly cash.