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CIRA threat to North cops who join Garda

Northern police officers who switch forces and join the Garda are in the sights of the Continuity IRA.

The hardline republican faction has issued an Easter warning about PSNI members who move south on temporary transfer to the gardai.

In its Easter Rising commemoration message, CIRA compared PSNI recruits to the Garda Siochana to British soldiers in Ireland in 1916.

"A further step has been taken to integrate the 26-County state forces into the British war machine with the announcement that RUC soldiers are now suitable to join the ranks of the 26-County police even up to top level.

"These new arrangements will bring the British forces back south of the border 90 years after they were driven out by the men and women we honour today," the terror faction will say at commemorations across Ireland on Easter Sunday.

But the anti-peace process terrorists also admit that their organisation has been rocked by splits in Dublin and Limerick.

"The good name of the Republican Movement, valid since 1986, is under attack again. Criminality masquerades as Republicanism and confuses the Irish people.

"The name of Republican Sinn Fein and of the Continuity IRA have even been stolen by a minuscule local grouping in its reckless attempt to bewilder further those who stand for the full freedom of Ireland," the CIRA Easter message said.

The GAA also comes under attack in the Easter statement for accepting UK taxpayers' money to upgrade Casement Park in Belfast -- the home of Antrim football and hurling.

"In February the GAA sold out its independence and the ideals of its founders when it accepted a massive amount of English money -- £61m or €77m -- to develop Casement Park in Belfast. Roger Casement got the English hangman's rope but those who use his name allow themselves to be exploited by Stormont."

The CIRA claimed the queen's visit to Ireland -- seen as a resounding success in terms of Anglo-Irish relations -- was a failure.