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Cillian keeps his distance from critics

HOLLYWOOD star Cillian Murphy is back in the capital city this week for the Dublin premiere of his new play Ballyturk.

Invited guests will be beating a path to the Olympia Theatre on Friday for the red-carpet
event as they watch the Batman star in action alongside Stephen Rea and Michael Murphy.

The production, written by Enda Walsh, has been getting rave reviews since opening in the Galway Arts Festival last month.

But the plaudits are all wasted on the leading actors - Cillian said he never reads reviews about himself.

"For me, there's two things: you're Irish and then you're an actor. You'll never believe anything good, you'll only ever focus on the tiniest, miniscule details that may be negative. And then that will expand. So it's best not to do it," he said.

His comments were echoed by his co-star Rea who said: "Quite early, I remember I thought I got very bad reviews for something in London, but then I read those reviews a few years later and they were actually rather good."

Murphy has also been filming the second series of the hit BBC show Peaky Blinders.