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Chuggers making life misery for shoppers

NEW laws to crack down on street charity workers have been proposed by a Dublin senator.

The Dublin City Joint Policing Committee has said aggressive on-street requests for charity -- known as "chugging" or charity-mugging -- is a severe annoyance to the general public and has a negative impact on businesses.

Fine Gael Dublin South East senator Catherine Noone said the disturbance needs to be dealt with immediately.

"I've highlighted this issue a number of times before and am not surprised that it continues to be an issue that people are bringing to me," Ms Noone said.

"There was broad agreement at the Dublin City Joint Policing Committee meeting this week that legislation is needed."

New regulations on chugging have been introduced by councils in cities around England limiting the days the charities are allowed to collect and imposing a minimum distance between each one.