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Christmas gift? Supersize TV will set you back €27k

YOU will need a very big Christmas stocking if you fancy splashing out on this luxury gift -- the biggest TV ever sold in Ireland.

The LG 84in Ultra HD TV is a giant of a television, with a price tag to match, as anyone interested in snapping it up will have to hand over a cool €26,999.

And while homeowners might prefer to avoid living in mansions -- given that such palatial abodes are subject to prohibitive levels of property tax -- anyone thinking of picking up this mammoth box will need a quite a large house to accommodate it.

The mega-TV, the LG 84LM960V, has a reach longer than the arm span of most adults. The South Korean TV maker is appealing to consumers who like to think big when it comes to entertainment systems.


The TV is only available exclusively at the Harvey Norman stores in Carrickmines, Co Dublin.

It's Ireland spokesperson, Cathal McGee, said the model's attraction was its promise of "totally immersive viewing" with ultra high-definition picture quality boasting four times the resolution of existing full HD sets, making it the "most technologically advanced TV" on the Irish market.

Content can be accessed via laptops, while the remote control can be operated using voice recognition.

Not surprisingly, the price is also a multiple of existing large-screen TVs which are traditionally about 56in in size and cost about €2,000.

The TV has generated controversy online as the model appeared to be selling for under €12,000 in Portugal when released there earlier this year.

However, it now appears to sell for a standardised price across Europe.