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Christmas comes a bit early as shoppers return to their Clerys

AFTER 119 days of draining, drying, painting and decorating, iconic O'Connell Street store Clerys threw open its doors today.

There was a party atmosphere as hundreds of shoppers queued to be the first into Dublin's iconic department store.

Six months after closing as a result of water damage, Clerys on O'Connell Street is now back in business.

Today's footfall is expected to reach into the thousands as crowds queued from early this morning to gain access to the revamped store, which opened at 11am.

Christmas songs played as long-standing customers recalled fond memories of their visits to the legendary store.

"I remember visiting Clerys on my first day of work in Dublin in 1967," Donegal woman Anne Hyland told The Herald.

"I stayed for the whole day shopping and I later met my husband under the Clerys clock when we were dating."

Clondalkin woman Breda Kavanagh has been meeting her sisters for lunch at Clerys for over 30 years.


"When the store closed for renovations we had to move locations for lunch and it just wasn't the same," she said.

A dramatic thunderstorm caused the roof to come crashing in, with a steel girder taking out the sprinkler system, causing 550,000 gallons of water to flood the store.

"We wallowed in our sorrow for 24 hours," managing director Dominic Prendergast told The Herald.

"But we were determined to be back on our feet and trading in time for Christmas."