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Chloe's designs the rage with royals


Chloe Townsend

Chloe Townsend

Stuart Townsend

Stuart Townsend


Chloe Townsend

She may be from a family of high achievers, but Chloe Townsend is making waves with her own jewellery label, which has received a British royal's stamp of approval.

Chloe (26), the sister of Hollywood actor Stuart and daughter of professional golfer Peter, set up Willow & Clo which is already a firm favourite with Irish stars including Susan Loughnane, Sharon Corr and Amy Huberman.

Now word of the Dubliner's handcrafted designs has gone global.

"It's really wonderful. I saw a photo of Princess Eugenie at the Met Gala recently in which she's kissing Kate Middleton on the cheek and she's wearing a pair of my earrings!" Chloe told the Herald.

"That's amazing. She wore them to Sam Branson's wedding as well. She has a couple of pairs of my earrings, and both her and Beatrice have worn my pieces. So that has been really fantastic for the UK market especially.

"Moments like that are special. It's lovely to get that support and it gives your stuff a bit of recognition."

Chloe also took home the award for Accessory Designer of the Year at Kerry Fashion Week last March.


"My heart jumped. I didn't expect to win at all. It really makes you feel like, 'Wow, I'm really doing the right thing'," she said. "I keep pushing and it's now getting recognised.

"When you grow up with everyone asking about everyone else in your family, it's nice to feel I've done something for me. It's not because of who they are, it's because of how hard I've worked.

"I feel I'm making my own mark in some way and it's not down to them.

"As much as I love my family, as much as they are fantastic - and it's fantastic to grow up in that kind of family where everything is kind of possible - there's that mentality that you go out and get it, you do what you can and it's a very positive thing."

Chloe has received great support from Irish customers.

"There's been a big shift," she said. "Before, everyone wanted stuff from somewhere else, and you had to go off to America and get beautiful things. Now it's beautiful to see people like to buy local and support their own.

"They want to know where it came from and they like to know that they're supporting someone's dream."