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chinese women attacked at shop

TWO Chinese workers were savagely assaulted by an Irish teenager after a row erupted in a Dublin city centre beauty shop.

The two Chinese women were attacked after a dispute arose in the shop over hair extensions, with one woman suffering a cut to her face and the other being kicked unconscious after she tried to follow the blonde-haired teen from the Moore Street shop.

Gardai are investigating whether there was a racial motivation.

Traders said they were "disgusted and appalled" at the treatment of the two workers.

"There was a commotion and the next thing we see a blonde girl running out and one of the Chinese ladies was chasing her," a witness said. "The second girl had been cut badly under the eye in the shop and I think her assistant was trying to catch one of the teens.

"But the blonde girl then turned and knocked the Chinese girl to the ground and started laying the kicks into her.

"A crowd had gathered by this stage and there was three Chinese lads who were holding on to the blonde girl until the gardai arrived.


"The girl and her friends were roaring abuse. The language out of them was shocking.

"The girl who was kicked had been carried back into the shop and was collapsed on the ground. She was a terrible grey colour and everyone was worried about her."

Another witness said: "A fire engine came, and then an ambulance, and both the shop workers were taken away to hospital.

"When the gardai came the girl hit one of the men and tried to push over one of the gardai. That's when she was overpowered and handcuffed. I've never seen anything like it."