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Childrens' horror as topless women brawl near school

SCHOOLCHILDREN watched on in horror as a topless brawl involving two women unfolded in broad daylight.

Gardai arrested the pair over the punch-up, which happened while parents were bringing their children to school.

Eyewitnesses reported that the two women began punching and biting each other as they brawled on the ground in the small village of Doon, Co Limerick.

As the wild fight continued, both women began to lose items of clothing.

"It was surreal, unbelievable. They just went at each other, biting, scratching, pulling hair, kicking – everything, you name it," said one onlooker.

"They were beating the heads off each other.

"The next thing the tops were pulled off each other and then a bra went flying through the air.

"You would think that this would have stopped them, but not a bit of it, they kept at it."


The witness continued: "It wasn't a few slaps either – this was vicious stuff. There was blood on the ground."

The fight broke out at around 9.15am last Friday while parents were bringing their children to school and other childcare facilities.

The row turned heated and witnesses reported that the women were in a state of undress while brawling on the Monastery Road, close to Coonagh Court housing estate.


It's understood that the pair, who were both in their 30s, knew each other and had suffered a falling out in recent weeks.

One of the women involved is from the local area, while the other is originally from Limerick City and lives in Doon.

Witnesses reported that a number of men watched on as the fight turned nasty, with one even "egging" the women on.

"There were men there watching them among the crowd," said a witness.

"I don't know who they were, but they were shouting and roaring. One guy was egging one on, shouting 'Kill her, kill her'."

Gardai launched an investigation into the incident and arrested two women in Doon on Monday.

They were questioned for a period before being released without charge. A file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.