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Children's hobbies and sports costing parents €840-a-year


Children soccer

Children soccer

Children soccer

parents are spending an average of €840-a-year on their children's hobbies.

They spend more than 100 hours a year driving their children to and from sports sessions and other activities.

A new survey has revealed Irish children spend time on two or three hobbies or sports each week.

The research, carried out on behalf of retail chain Argos, showed the amount of dedication that parents and children put into activities outside the classroom.

Parents were found to clock up an average of 104 hours chauffeuring their children to sports sessions, music lessons and other hobbies deemed to be beneficial.

Football is the most popular sport or activity in which Irish children participate, with 42pc kicking a football each week.

As the October mid-term break approaches, extra-curricular activities are in full swing and parents appear to be heavily committed to supporting their children, both financially and with their own time.

Some 73pc of parents actively encourage their children to take up an activity.

And 77pc said they had encouraged their child to try a hobby that they never got to do as a child.

Argos occasions buyer Laura Dove said: "Irish kids are really inspired by the big sporting events which take place each year, and also by the sports they learn at school.

"Children are taking up more hobbies as they go through their education."

The hobbies most popular with children this year are football, swimming and dance classes.


The next most popular activities were athletics, drama and horse riding.

Other activities completing the top 10 were piano lessons, guitar lessons, gymnastics and rugby.

Argos is currently promoting its child leisure and sports equipment, including items such as fishing sets and half-size guitars.