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Children witness gang slash dad and beat him with bats


CAPTION: SCENE: Constitution Hill flats where attack occured

CAPTION: SCENE: Constitution Hill flats where attack occured

CAPTION: SCENE: Constitution Hill flats where attack occured

A FATHER-of-three was ambushed by a gang who beat him with a hammer and baseball bats before slashing his arms and legs with blades.

Several children witnessed the brutal daylight attack on the 46-year-old that has left him requiring serious surgery.

The badly battered victim tried desperately to escape as four men held him on the ground and slashed his legs and his arms with the blades.



"There was so much blood. It was liked they sliced him up with a knife, the wounds were so deep," a witness told the Herald.

"His arm was cut up so bad it looked liked it was hanging off," said the woman who tried to stop the blood pumping from his wounds afterwards.

The attack happened in front of terrified children who were playing outside their homes on Constitution Hill in the north inner city.

The bloody assault happened shortly after the man had walked out of the rear of the flats complex where cars were parked around 8.30pm last night. Four men, aged in their 20s, got out of two cars and began the savage attack that lasted up to 10 minutes.

The victim's 18-year-old daughter told the Herald today: "I don't know why they did it or who they were.



"They attacked him in front of children playing who were terrified. They kept hitting him and using the blades to slash his legs.

"We brought him into the flat. The ambulance men were working on him for half-an-hour trying to stop the bleeding."

A 46-year-old woman said: "We used towels to try to stop the blood. He was bleeding very badly. His arm looked like it was hanging off.

"He's getting surgery on his arm today at the Mater Hospital. He had a big gash in the back of his head as well."

Gardai said today they did not know the motive for the attack. The garda investigation was continuing today and no arrested had yet been made.

The victim lives in Santry in Dublin and had travelled to the Constitution Hill flats to visit his three teenage daughters.

The attackers did not appear to have local connections, it was also claimed today.