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Children missing 10 days due to asthma

CHILDREN with asthma miss an average of 10 days of school every year because of the condition.

A new e-learning programme now plans to raise awareness among secondary students about how it affects sufferers.

The programme was piloted in Cork and the Asthma Society of Ireland aims to roll it out nationally this year.

Asthma is an inflammatory disease that affects the airways, the small tubes that carry the air in and out of the lungs.

It is the most common chronic disease for children in Ireland, affecting around one in five children.

Figures show that more than one person dies from asthma each week in Ireland.


These are mainly adults, but one person under the age of 15 died from asthma last year, and three died in 2012.

Mary Hughes who worked with the Asthma Society on developing the online programme said that it is about getting teenagers information that they will access and that is relevant.

"It's about providing them with a reputable source of information that is supported by medics and also by parents," said Mary, who is a research and education officer with the Society.