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Children given play therapy

Charities are trying to give Haiti's traumatised children a sense of normality by setting up play areas and schools.

Delivering aid remained the priority but youngsters who lost parents and witnessed horrific scenes could be helped to deal with their trauma by being given a routine, Plan International said.

Spokesman Alistair Clay said creating play areas and setting up tented schools helped children to relax and talk about their experiences.

Stuart Coles, from Plan International, said children living on the street in Jacmel, south Haiti, were a little nervous and quiet when they first joined a play session.

"After a few games they started chatting, laughing and for a moment, forgetting the horrendous aftermath of the quake," he said.

Bono joins stars for fundraiser

BONO, Coldplay and Sting are among stars lined up for a global Hope For Haiti telethon this week to help raise funds for victims.

Grammy award winner Coldplay will join Bono and The Edge, rapper Jay-Z and Rihanna in London for one of the broadcasts, which will be shown around the world on Friday.

A jam featuring Kid Rock, Keith Urban and Sheryl Crow is taking place in Los Angeles, while New York will see Haitian-born rapper Wyclef Jean perform with Bruce Springsteen, Mary J Blige, Shakira and Sting.

Altogether, more than 100 stars from music, TV and film have signed up.

President had lucky escape

Haiti's president and his wife narrowly missed injury in the devastating earthquake.

When people realised the National Palace was destroyed, many feared President Rene Preval was dead.

First lady Elisabeth Debrosse Preval recounted the first public details of the couple's post-earthquake ordeal, telling reporters she and her husband Rene left the historic Beaux-Arts palace in central Port-au-Prince about an hour before the quake struck.

President Preval has been increasingly criticised for not taking a more prominent role in the recovery effort.

He has yet to address the nation or publicly tour disaster areas, which has angered many Haitians.