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Children forced to flee feud row outside school

SCHOOLCHILDREN fled in horror after a Traveller feud descended into violence outside their school gates.

Parents collecting their children from a school in Lucan were horrified after a fight broke out and a car was smashed up with a crowbar.

A man who was picking up his children from Scoil Mhuire, on Lucan's Main Street, tried to escape when his car was attacked, but witnesses said he accidentally crashed into a car being driven by a local grandmother.

After his car came to a halt, a group of three Traveller men, who had jumped from another car, smashed the windows as terrified children were rushed away by their horrified parents.


The incident occurred in the car park of St Mary's Church, which lies adjacent to Scoil Mhuire and is used by parents on the school run.

The scene in the car park was one of "mayhem", according to one witness.

"People were very scared for their own safety and the safety of their children who were very upset," she said.

"As one dad was in the car park, another car arrived and a group of men jumped out and started smashing the windows and hitting the car.

"It was unbelievable," said the witness.

"The man in the first car tried to drive away, but he crashed into a car being driven by a local woman who was collecting her grandchild," she added.

"The whole incident lasted around 20 minutes and the gardai had to come," the woman said. "When I looked around there were women and children running from the car park and trying to get away, and the men were shouting and there was glass scattered everywhere.

"The car was wrecked at the end."

The incident happened last Friday shortly after 3pm when parents were picking up their young national school children.

Gardai confirmed to the Herald that they are investigating the incident.

Three men were reported to have jumped from a dark coloured car and attacked the car of another man with a crowbar, gardai confirmed.

"There have been no arrests but the investigation into the incident is ongoing," the garda spokeswoman added.

It is believed that the victim of the attack has been reluctant to assist the gardai who are continuing their probe regardless.