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Children caught up in pipe-bomb terror

A POSSIBLE tragedy was avoided after gardai found four viable pipe bombs inside a stolen car dumped near a housing estate.

Children were playing just yards away from the stolen vehicle when officers moved in to search it. Residents in Harold's Cross's Mount Argus Park say they were shocked to see the army bomb disposal team take over their street.

Eagle-eyed officers spotted a silver Opel Astra that had been stolen from outside a house in Terenure on October 26.

It is suspected the car was parked on the suburban street for several days.

After searching the vehicle officers discovered a bag inside the boot which contained four devices. Sources say the devices were potentially lethal.

Mother-of-four Madiha Asthan Khan (32) told the Herald: "Gardai came to our door to tell us we might have to leave.

"An hour later they came back and said the army were coming and we had to leave now. We had to bring our four children out of the house and we were not allowed to go back."

Her husband Habib (40) added: "Seven children were playing in the area this evening. It could have been very dangerous. I'm shocked to discover what has happened."

Neighbour Maia Ryan said that her husband Ronan (48) and daughter Cathy (9) left their home with their dog Bubba to stay at a friend's house during the evacuation.


She said: "I thought it was maybe just a routine matter where they were checking out a parcel or something. I wasn't really frightened but now I realise it could have been very dangerous indeed. The children are out and about quite a lot."

The Defence Forces said the bomb disposal team confirmed that the four devices were viable and residents had to be evacuated "for their own safety".

"The team arrived on scene at 7pm and examined the devices which had been located in a vehicle by the gardai.

"The viable devices was rendered safe in situ without the need for a controlled explosion and the devices have now been removed to a secure military location for further examination," a spokesperson said.