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Children can't sleep over late night bin lifts

children in a Dublin suburb are being woken by late- night bin collections, a disturbance residents have described as "simply disgraceful".

The Greyhound Waste collection service has apologised to householders in Ballyfermot for the night collections, some of them as late as 10.30pm.

It has blamed the introduction of new Dublin bye-laws on March 3 with a "designated collection day" when every area of the city has household bins collected on the same day, no matter which waste collection company the customer uses.

Ballyfermot representative Daithi de Roiste has challenged Greyhound Waste to change collection times.

"Last night I saw a bin lorry with the Greyhound insignia and flashing light beacons collecting bins in the Cherry Orchard area at 10.35pm. This is simply disgraceful and not acceptable to the many families in the area," he said.

"These times cannot be justified. The area in which they were collecting the waste would have high numbers of children attending the primary school situated next to the estate where the disruption is being caused.


"These collections, with the noise and the flashing beacons on the lorry, do absolutely nothing but disturb families from their evening routine.

"That time of night is not an acceptable time to be collecting waste. It would not be tolerated in any other part of the country, so I don't feel it should be tolerated in Ballyfermot."

Greyhound Waste has responded to the complaints, saying that while it welcomes the new change with the designated collection day, it involves tens of thousands of houses and "some collection crews worked late on the changeover to ensure continuity of service".

Greyhound CEO Michael Buckley said the firm, "as Ireland's largest household waste collection company, is well equipped to minimise the impact of the changeover on customers".

Greyhound Household, he added, welcomed the change to the designated collection day as this would "lessen the traffic impact on the city and make collections more straightforward for customers".

"We are confident that the collection times will level out over the coming weeks," he said.