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Children are warned over park flasher

SCHOOLCHILDREN in Lucan, Co Dublin have been warned about a man indecently exposing himself in a local park.

Teenage girls on their way home from school reported that the man had flashed them in Willsbrook Park which is in close proximity to eight primary and secondary schools in the area.

One resident suggested the man had been in the area a number of times and was believed to travel there from another location.

According to descriptions, he is thought to be in his 30s and usually wears a grey tracksuit.

Local people have used social media to post warnings about the flasher because of the large number of teenagers using the park as a short-cut going to and coming from school.

Gardai responding to reports arrested a man in relation to an incident in Willsbrook Park at 4.30pm on March 26 last.


He was held at Lucan garda station but later released and a file is being prepared for the DPP.

Local councillors said they were not aware of the problem.

Cllr Guss O'Connell said he had not heard anything about it but "it's good if someone has been apprehended".

Cllr Eamon Tuffy said Willsbrook was a lovely place but "there are an awful lot of sheltered areas. I hadn't heard about this particular problem.

"There has been some difficult anti-social behaviour in the park, mainly young people drinking."

He said he would be investigating the incident further.

Fines for indecent exposure of up to €500 can be imposed under the Public Order Act which provides for "offensive conduct in public".

The offence can also be dealt with under Section 18 of the Criminal Law Act with fines of up to €634.97 or if the court decides, the guilty person could be given a six-month jail term.