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Chief suspect in botched hit on Lawlor enemy eludes gardaí


Hitman Robbie Lawlor

Hitman Robbie Lawlor

Hitman Robbie Lawlor

The chief suspect for the attempted murder of a mortal enemy of slain gangland thug Robbie Lawlor was on the run last night.

A number of arrests were made in relation to the case yesterday, but the chief suspect could not be found.

Gardaí suspect the man was heavily involved in the attempted murder of the teenager from Darndale in March.

The teen suffered severe injuries to his stomach - including his liver - after being shot twice in the stomach as he sat in a car on Fairlawn Road in Finglas at 10pm on March 14.

The kidnapping of a dog and street-level drug dealing turf are at the centre of the dispute, with all teenagers involved "going around with bullet proof vests", according to sources.

"It's bizarre, it's horrible but that is the way it is and has been for a long time - neglect from the authorities does that for you," a local source said.

Despite the victim's lack of co-operation with the garda investigation, led by Detective Sergeant Shane McCarton, officers have made progress in the case and arrested suspects who are believed to have "intimate knowledge" of the attempted murder of the teenage gangster.


The victim is a very close associate of David 'Fred' Lynch, who was murdered by gangland serial killer Lawlor in 2009 and the teenager was videoed celebrating his killing.

However, the attempted Finglas murder in March is not linked to the gun slaying of Lawlor, which happened in Belfast just weeks later.

Instead, detectives believe that the extremely volatile teenager was targeted because he was "shoving his weight around" in the Finglas area after a Covid-linked drugs drought broke out in the Coolock area.

The chief suspects for the attempted murder were quickly identified by gardaí.

One is a 20-year-old thug who can't be named as he is facing serious charges.

The other man suspected of being involved is a 24-year-old from the Berryfield area of Finglas who has numerous previous convictions, mainly for minor offences.

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Gardaí announced details of the arrests yesterday morning.

Two of the men are in their 20s, and one in his 40s. They are being held between Ronanstown and Blanchardstown Garda stations.

Some of the suspects are being probed for animal cruelty to horses and dogs as part of the bitter northside drugs dispute.


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