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Chewing gum war will cost us €100k

IT'S unsightly on our streets, disgusting when it sticks to your shoe – and now we're having to foot a €100,000 bill to have it cleaned up.

City officials are putting that amount aside to deal with the chewing gum menace in parts of Dublin.

The gum offensive is being mounted on Thomas Street in Dublin 8, Ballyfermot and Inchicore.

Dublin City Council is using €100,000 to hire a contractor to remove the gum from walkways in shopping districts in these areas.

"This has never been carried out in south central previously," the council said.

Chewing gum litter is one of the most persistent issues facing street cleaners –and it is very difficult to remove.

The council revealed the details of the scheme in response to a query from Cllr Vincent Jackson, who queried the work the council is doing to alert children in schools on the cost of littering.

Mr Jackson said more than €130,000 is to be made available to the local south central area for additional waste prevention measures.

A new litter warden is to patrol the district – and investigating illegal dumping will be one of their main aims.

Dumped bags will be searched for evidence linking the culprits to the waste.


"In very few cases is sufficient evidence gathered to enable a fine or prosecution to be taken. Contrary to popular belief, CCTV systems produce remarkably few successful prosecutions and have limited deterrent effect," the council said.

Some €30,000 of the €130,000 of additional funding will go towards graffiti removal.

Cllr Jackson previously called for a ban on chewing gum from Dublin city as a way of tackling the litter problem.

The council has spent i €1.13m in the past three years cleaning gum from city streets.