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Cheques for gold 'will help deter thieves'


 PROPOSAL: Christy Burke

PROPOSAL: Christy Burke

PROPOSAL: Christy Burke

OUTLETS that offer to pay cash in return for gold should instead offer cheques in a bid to deter burglaries, a politician has claimed.

Independent councillor Christy Burke said the move could make gold jewellery less attractive to burglars.

"We hear the stories of house break-ins and jewellery taken, and while there is no evidence and no proof, it's quite possible that it's sold for cash," he added.

But he claimed that if a cheque was given, "then you get a paper trail. "A burglar won't give their name," he said. "They won't want any trail."

If the new measure was introduced, Mr Burke believes two things could happen.

"There could be a reduction in burglaries, and they won't be going in to sell someone's sentimental watch or ring because they know if it's a cheque they have to give a name," he said.

He is hoping that his motion on the issue, which is down for a future city council meeting, could result in government action on the subject.

Many people use the service offered by outlets offering cash for gold, which are found nationwide, to trade in unwanted jewellery, but some outlets could unwittingly be buying stolen valuables.

Mr Burke said: "Anything to help the situation in relation to burglaries is worth trying.

"I have got elderly people who have said to me, 'My house was broken into, my bit of jewellery was robbed.'"


His motion has been put down for debate at the April meeting of Dublin City Council.

However, Mr Burke said he had already received "great feedback" for his proposal from other councillors.

He added that he has discussed the idea with jewellers who have voiced their support.