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Chef who was paid 51c an hour awarded €86k in back pay


Muhammad Younis

Muhammad Younis

Muhammad Younis

A PAKISTANI chef who was forced to work seven days a week for pocket money, with just Christmas Day off, has had a €91,000 award against his employer restored by the Supreme Court.

Muhammad Younis (59) worked up to 77 hours a week at his second cousin's Poppadom restaurant in Newlands Cross, Dublin, for as little as 51c an hour.

He obtained advice from the Migration Rights Centre and in 2011 a Rights Commissioner awarded him €91,134 - €86,134 of which was back pay.

His cousin did not pay and the Labour Court subsequently made an order the money be paid. Mr Hussein, who had not contested the Labour Court decision, then brought judicial review proceedings in the High Court which in 2012 quashed the award.

Mr Younis, supported by Amnesty International and the Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland, appealed the High Court ruling to the Supreme Court which yesterday overturned that decision.