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Chef lured lesbian back to his 'gay' flat where he raped her

a chef has been convicted of raping a young woman after inviting her back to his apartment.

Samir Mansour, (48) had pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to raping the woman at his then apartment at Windmill Hill, Prospect, Dublin Road, Mullingar on January 8, 2010.

Mansour, with a current address at The Lock, Market Point, Mullingar, was convicted by a jury after six hours of deliberation and a 10-day trial.

The victim told the court she had been out socialising before going to a nightclub where she met Mansour. She said she told him she was gay and he told he was also gay before inviting her back to his apartment for a party.

Mansour made her an omelette and she said there was a channel showing half-naked women on the TV in the background. She said he made a phone call and when he got no answer he told her that his friends were not coming.

The woman said she was starting to get nervous and made a number of phone calls but got no answer.

She said Mansour began making lewd remarks and told her: "All gay people have sex together." She said she thought he was pathetic at that stage and did not think anything was going to happen.


She went to leave at about 3.45am but Mansour grabbed her by the arm, swung her around and holding both her arms, forced her into the bedroom. She was resisting and bit him on the chest.

She said Mansour had changed from being a quiet guy to being "terrifying".

He held her down on the bed with one hand and removed her clothes with the other. He forced her legs apart and put his fingers in her vagina.

When he told her to spread her legs she said to him "you realise this is rape", but he told her to shut up.

Mansour placed his fingers over her eyes and told her he would poke her eyes out if she moved. He then raped her.