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Chef dies after row over food complaint

The swanky German resort island of Sylt has been shaken by the death of a Japanese chef following a fight with two customers who had complained about his food.

Miki Nozawa (57) died on Monday from a brain haemorrhage after a brawl with the two men at a nightclub near his restaurant in the North Sea island's town of Westerland.

Prosecutors are waiting for a second autopsy report to determine whether Nozawa – who had opened his restaurant less than three months earlier – died as a result of the fight or due to an existing medical condition.

"We are shocked and stunned, especially by the brutality of what happened," Mayor Carsten Kerkamm said yesterday. "We only know such things from TV."

The island's 20,000 permanent residents are rarely exposed to violent crime, though extra police are brought in during the summer months when holidaymakers and day trippers swell the population fivefold.