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Cheers! How my new vitamin drink got me back to work

A young Irish entrepreneur is hoping to dig himself out of redundancy after inventing a quirky new drink.

Michael Carney (25), who was made redundant during the recession, sold his car to develop a new vitamin drink with zero calories or sugar.

When many young people of his generation have been forced to leave the country to find work, Carney has spent the last three years setting up his own company Raindrop Drinks.

Now, his revolutionary drink is expected to hit the market by the end of the month.

He said: "My age has been the biggest trouble I've had so far, because people just didn't believe that I could come up with a brand, they didn't take me seriously. It's difficult to set up your own company in Ireland when you're young because everyone will tell you not to bother, that you can't make a success in this climate -- but I just ignored them.

"I met a few high profile people -- including a member of the Dragons' Den team -- and they said to come back when I had 'something proper', but I've since managed to create a drink that doesn't exist on the Irish market and I've contracts for it to be distributed in Supervalu and Centra all over the country, and it should be available in other big food stores very shortly as well."

Michael's Raindrop Drinks have vitamins stored in the cap of the bottle.

When the cap is unscrewed, they are released in water sourced from Glenpatrick spring in Tipperary, changing its colour.

So far, two flavours have been developed, Strawberry & Kiwi and Orange.