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Cheers for our Olympic heroes

MORE than 100 Special Olympics athletes received a hero's welcome home at Dublin Airport.

The 126 athletes were led into the arrivals lounge by a piper who was drowned out by cheers and chants from the athletes' families.

In total, Ireland won 107 medals at the Special Olympic Games, which were held in Athens.

Michael Hardiman (23) from Tallaght, took two gold medals in ten-pin bowling.

His mother Mary, told the Herald: "We're so very proud."

Potter stars dodge the rain

The last Harry Potter film looks set to make its debut in traditional fashion -- to the accompaniment of thunder and rain.

The stars of the films have got used to squelching up the red carpet after being caught in a succession of torrential downpours before premieres.

And tomorrow's event for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Two does not look like it will be any different.

Actor Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy, said: "I can imagine there will be a few showers and rain. It wouldn't be right if it wasn't."

Man held on Obama threats

A MAN has been detained for a mental health checks after facing court charges that he threatened to kill President Barack Obama and the president's family.

The Secret Service arrested Darryl James Swanson (45) of Portland, last Friday.

Prosecutors say Swanson made threats in numerous phone calls to offices in Oregon and Washington.

But his family claim he is "harmless" and mixed up his medication.

Chaos as wall of dust hits city

A massive wall of dust has descended on an American city, reducing visibility and causing power cuts

Phoenix was in chaos as the dust storm towered over city centre skyscrapers after it swept across the desert from the south,.

The wall of dust briefly blanketed downtown Phoenix at around nightfall.

The storm was part of the Arizona monsoon season, which typically starts in mid-June and lasts through to the end of September.