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Cheers as Katie Taylor and Irish team get a real hero's welcome at airport


Katie Taylor with fans at Dublin Airport

Katie Taylor with fans at Dublin Airport

Katie Taylor with fans at Dublin Airport

THERE was a hero's welcome for Katie Taylor at Dublin Airport this morning as the champion boxer celebrated another gold medal.

The Olympic hero polished off another impressive win at the European Games in Baku.

The Bray native greeted crowds of fans as she returned home with teammates from the games in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Michael O'Reilly (22) made it double gold for Ireland when he shocked home favourite Xaybula Musalov to claim the middleweight title.

Katie stopped to give autographs to Ellie Maher (10) and Sophie Clancy (12) from St Joseph's boxing club, Edenderry.

Although the boxer was not at her best following a recent wrist injury, she still proved a cut above her competition as she added the inaugural lightweight gold to her Olympic crown and five world championship titles.

Katie (28) was all smiles as she showed off her latest gold medal to add to the collection.

"It's fantastic, I don't think I'll ever really get used to it," she told the Herald.

"The reception is phenomenal. It's great to come home with another gold medal."

Although she's a knockout success in the Olympic ring, Katie said that each boxing match is as important as the next.

"To win any major competition is amazing - I don't rate one above the other," she said.

While she's enjoying her latest win, Katie doesn't have long to rest as she has her sights set on Rio next year.

"I have to qualify first but definitely my sights are set on the Olympics," Katie added.