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Charlie Hebdo magazine sells out in Dublin

The controversial satirical paper Charlie Hebdo went on sale in Dublin city today.

The French magazine sold out within minutes of being stocked on selves at a kiosk on Dublin's northside.

The kiosk, located outside the Penney's store on O'Connell Street, ran out of all 75 copies they put on display within half an hour, but more copies of the magazine were expected this afternoon.

Shop owner Chris said that the demand was there, so the shop would supply the magazine whose headquarters in Paris was attacked by two gunmen earlier this month.

"Hopefully, there'll be no backlash from this, because all we're doing is meeting the demand and what the people want and as a freedom of speech, it's important as well I guess," he told the Herald.

A man from the north of France who bought two copies of the magazine said he was happy that an Irish business has finally started selling copies.

"I think it's important to sell this magazine. It's a magazine I would have read when I was living in France so I was disappointed when I couldn't find a copy anywhere in Dublin.

"I don't know why other shops in Dublin haven't sold it, maybe they're afraid, I don't know but I'm happy that I have a copy now," Thibaut said.

Earlier this month bookstore Eason backtracked on its decision to sell the publication.

The issue's cover show s a cartoon of the prophet Moham med holding a sign reading 'Je Suis Charlie', under the headline 'Tout est pardonne' [All is forgiven].