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Charlene to move to NYC to be with boyfriend Adam

Top Irish actress Charlene McKenna is moving to New York to be with her boyfriend after getting sick of a long-distance relationship.

The Ripper Street star is moving to the Big Apple to live with her boyfriend and co-star Adam Rothenberg.

Charlene (inset) and Adam have been together for a number of months and have now decided that the distance is too much.

"I'm not single and I've been doing long-distance for the last while. He's based in New York. I won't be doing it anymore," she said.

"It's going to be different and I'm looking forward to it. Although the distance was good for me, I could put my phone down and have my way. Now I won't have that any more," she revealed.

And Charlene couldn't have timed her move better as she has a landed a role on Broadway in the musical Ghosts, after the West End show moved to New York from London.

"I've been thinking about New York for a while and one of my best friends from home was going so I just thought, 'Why not!'

"It feels like the right time for me. And luckily the news came that Ghosts was moving over so it couldn't have been more perfect," she added.

And while the 30-year-old would love to return to Ireland to film Ripper Street again, she's not sure if she would ever move home full-time.


"I'd probably come back to London instead because it's been home for such a long time now and all my friends are there," she revealed.

"And honestly, I'm not actually being offered any work from Ireland. It's all been in London, and now New York. Since I left nothing has come my way so maybe if that changes... never say never," she added.

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