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Charlene knew Ripper Street wouldn't be axed


Charlene McKenna

Charlene McKenna

Charlene McKenna

Charlene McKenna


Charlene McKenna

IT FACED being axed by the BBC but Ripper Street's Charlene McKenna says 
she had a sixth sense that it would be 

It was reported that the show was being considered for cancellation earlier this year before online retailer Amazon stepped in and provided additional funding.

Now the countdown is on for the return of the hit period detective drama which is due back on our screens this autumn.

"I had a weird feeling that it wasn't all over, perhaps that's just the hippy in me, but the feeling was so strong that I just didn't believe this was the end of Ripper Street," said the former Raw actress.

"And it's great now, everyone is back even more gung ho as it was a bit like the threat of a break-up before you decide give it another go."


One of Ireland's most in-demand actresses, Monaghan-native Charlene (30) has played former prostitute Rose Erskine since the show first aired on the BBC in Christmas 2012.

She described how series three sees her character develop further as Rose leaves brothel madam Long Susan to carve out a successful singing career.

"The jury's still out on my own singing voice but I was trying to channel a ropey Marlene Dietrich," she joked.

Location shots on the streets of Dublin wrapped recently and filming is expecting to close at Islandbridge's Clancy Barracks on September 6. The production is thought to have been worth €20m to the Irish economy.

Charlene is currently preparing for a lengthy relocation to New York ahead 
of her Broadway theatre debut next 

The petite star is to appear in Richard Eyre's award-winning adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic Ghosts, which has won three Olivier Awards.

She will be reprising her role of servant Regina in the production, which was a success at London's Trafalgar Studios earlier this year.