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Charlene excited to come home to a colder climate


Charlene McKenna

Charlene McKenna

Charlene McKenna

Top Irish actress Charlene McKenna has been busy filming a new TV show in Africa for the past few months and she's looking forward to the colder Irish climate this Christmas.

The former Raw actress (inset) has jetted home to spend the holidays with her parents and four of her brothers in Co Monaghan.

"Myself and my best friend are flying back and I cannot wait," she said.

"We were just reading online about the polar vortex and we are like 'Oh no, wait until we get home'.

"One of my brothers is in Sydney but the other four will be back and it will be madness... absolute and brilliant chaos, I love it. I have literally lost count of the amount of nieces and nephews there are, it is like a zoo," she added.

She's looking forward to relaxing as her dad takes charge of the Christmas dinner.

"I will pour myself a drink, find a quiet room and take a deep breath for a moment and tell myself 'okay, let's do this'.

"My father does a lot of the cooking, I get the job as table-setter and stuff like lighting the candles.

"I will be sent up to find the special Christmas table sauce boat that nobody has seen since last year. That is going to be my big job," she added.


McKenna, who recently moved to New York has also been starring in Ripper Street and her new show, AD is set to make her a huge star in the States.

She will be shooting AD in Africa until March and admits the scale of the shoot is huge.

"It is a huge cast, like Game of Thrones, and I have a really important role, which I am really excited to play. She is a very important person of that time," she said.