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Chaos as four shot in horror pub attack


The scene outside Hanlon's Pub. Photo: Collins

The scene outside Hanlon's Pub. Photo: Collins

The scene outside Hanlon's Pub. Photo: Collins

DUBLIN'S gangland is braced for warfare after the botched hit on a major drug dealer. Gardai are hunting for the masked gunman who shot "indiscriminately" at a crowd attending a 21st birthday party in Dublin's north inner city.


Detectives are investigating if the botched gangland hit on was carried out by the same crew who murdered slain Real IRA terror chief Alan Ryan.

Criminal Greg Lynch (28) was the intended assassination target and was blasted in the face in the shooting in Cabra early on Sunday morning.

Three innocent women were also shot below the waist during the "chaotic" attack at around 2.30am outside Hanlon's pub on the Old Cabra Road in the north inner city.

A large crowd of party-goers were outside the bar when a masked gunman pulled up, selected his target and pulled the trigger before firing on the crowd.

The gunman was wearing dark clothes and a balaclava when he walked up to Lynch and shot at him.



"Greg is at the very top of the food chain – it's where he always wanted to be," a source told the Herald. "But now that he has been shot, you can expect reprisals. The shooter went completely mad and was firing indiscriminately at everyone around him," a source added.

"There was complete chaos."

The attacker then fled in a BMW car parked nearby which was driven by an accomplice down Prussia Street.

Forensic experts are examining a partially burnt-out BMW car that was recovered in the Crumlin area of south Dublin that detectives believe is linked to the shooting.

It had been stolen to order by the gangsters a number of weeks ago, gardai suspect.

When gardai arrived on the scene, Lynch was lying on the ground, bleeding from the head.

He was taken to the Mater Hospital where doctors discovered that he still had a bullet lodged in his head.

Lynch, who gardai believe is linked to associates of drug lord Christy Kinahan, is currently in a coma but he is expected to survive. He is in a long running dispute with associates of Jonathan Gill.

Detectives previously arrested associates of Gill in the south inner city when they were believed to be en route to carry out an assassination attempt on Lynch in December, 2012.

In the shooting which happened in early Sunday morning, the three innocent young women – aged 19, 28 and 34 – were all shot in the leg and thigh area.

Sinead Carey (28), from the Coombe area of Dublin city, was hit in the upper thigh and received the worst injuries.

The other two women who were shot were released from hospital yesterday after receiving treatment for their injuries.

Lauren O'Brien (19) from Watling Street in Dublin 8 is recovering from an injury at the top of her right leg.



The third woman who was caught up in the hail of bullets was Pauline Lynch (34) who lives in Ranelagh who suffered an injury to her right hip.

Two of the women were taken to Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown and another was being treated in St James's Hospital. Two were released from hospital last night after being treated.

Superintendant David Taylor said at a media briefing that it was a particularly brutal crime. "It was an indiscriminate shooting of people enjoying themselves at a 21st party," he said.

The area was cordoned off as forensic officers carried out a detailed examination of the scene.