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Celebs back anti-fur farms campaign


Rachel Pilkington

Rachel Pilkington

Rachel Pilkington

FAIR City star Rachael Pilkington has united a host of famous names to call on the Government to ban fur farming in Ireland.

Animal-lover Rachael is working with the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports to ask Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney to put a stop to the controversial practice.

She has rallied a list of supporters, with 271 Irish celebs backing the cause.

Hollywood star Saoirse Ronan, Amy Huberman, Grainne and Sile Seoige and Love/Hate's Peter Coonan are some of the stars who have added their names to a 13-page plea submitted to the Department of Agriculture last Friday.

This is not the first time that actors, entertainers and broadcasters have come together to call on the minister to outlaw fur farming.

Last year, rockabilly star Imelda May published a passionate open later urging Mr Coveney to reconsider the Government's position.

"Fur farming violates most of the five freedoms which underpin animal welfare," said Rachael.

"Not only are they denied the right to freedom and dignity, they are also denied the fundamental right to life."

There are five fur farms in operation in Ireland, but none in the UK.

Mr Coveney said in an interview last year that although he disliked the industry, he could not justify closing it and must rely, instead, on strict regulations and inspections.

A Department spokesperson said such farming is subject to licence, and a review commissioned by Mr Coveney in 2012 advised against banning mink farming but did recommend stricter regulations for animal welfare.

The spokesperson added: "Consultation on a code of conduct under the Animal Health and Welfare Act has been under way and submissions are being examined."