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Celebrity visits used in tourism campaign

TOURISM Ireland is highlighting celebrity visits to Dublin by the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna as part of a €1m advertising blitz .

An online campaign is promoting the capital as a must-visit destination next year, targeting young people by telling them where A-list celebrities hang out.

The ads mention singer Rihanna's favourite Dublin bar, Beyonce and Jay-Z's preferred restaurant and Victoria Beckham's first-choice fashion store.

Beyonce visited Dublin Zoo during her time in the country last year with her two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Tourism Ireland is mixing online, TV, cinema and radio ads in the campaign that will focus on Britain, the US and mainland Europe.


It will try to entice millions of potential holidaymakers from the US through ads playing on the country's three major networks - NBC, CBS and ABC - in seven cities including New York, Boston and Chicago.

Overseas tourism was strong in 2014 with 7.3 million visitors contributing more than €3.6bn in revenue to the economy.

"Throughout 2014, we undertook a packed programme of promotions to bring Ireland to the attention of travellers everywhere," said Tourism Ireland boss Niall Gibbons.

"We are determined to ensure the tourism growth continues. Our aim is to welcome a record 7.74 million visitors to Ireland in 2015."