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Cecelia movie role has left me hungry for more acting – Suki

A role in Cecelia Ahern's Irish-based movie has inspired model Suki Waterhouse to chase an acting career.

Waterhouse – the girlfriend of Hangover star Bradley Cooper – has just wrapped filming for Love, Rosie in Dublin. And it looks like she is going to be following in Bradley's footsteps.

"I just finished a romantic comedy a couple of months ago in Ireland," she said.

"It was my first proper feature film and it made me decide I want to do more, so we'll see."

The film is an adaptation of chick-lit writer Cecelia's Where Rainbows End. Waterhouse said she believes models can move easily into acting, and is keen to explore her options. The Londoner has been eyeing up various roles that she would ideally like to take on.

"I think with modelling and acting these days the lines are blurred. Everyone can do all sorts of things, so why do just one?" she told Look magazine.

"Maybe a Bond girl, or anything like that. Or Angelina Jolie's Girl, Interrupted kind of thing. I'd like to play a bad-ass girl."

Waterhouse (22) is renowned for her off-beat style, but she said she often falls foul of the fashion police.

"I wear stuff I regret all the time. It's very rare that I look back at a picture and think it was all good," she said. "I sometimes laugh at the fact that people say I have good style.

"I definitely make weird mistakes, but I think it's good to push it."

American Hustle actor Cooper and Waterhouse have been dating since they met last year at the UK's Elle Style Awards.

But although they are regularly pictured at red-carpet events, Waterhouse said she is laid-back at heart and prefers nothing more than lounging around in her pyjamas.

"I'm the laziest person. When I'm hanging around my house, I look like a tramp," she joked.