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'Catastrophe finale made me emotional' - Sharon


Sharon Horgan in Catastrophe

Sharon Horgan in Catastrophe

Sharon Horgan in Catastrophe

Sharon Horgan has revealed that the upcoming fourth series of Catastrophe will be the last, saying she "lost my s**t" while reading the final scene.

The series, which also stars American actor Rob Delaney, has been a success with fans and critics alike.

Horgan said she thinks it's a good idea for her and Delaney to go out on a high.

"We just wrapped three weeks ago so we're in the edit now. It's incredibly stressful. Lots of running around Soho," she said.

"It's weird because it's the last series. Sometimes I feel like it's a good idea to quit while you're ahead. The stories came to us really easily and we really enjoyed writing it, and I suppose we thought we didn't want to push that.

"We didn't want to be forcing the story. It's kind of a tricky show to write because a lot of it comes straight from ourselves and that isn't always easy."

It won't be an easy goodbye for the actress, who wrote every episode of the series along with Delaney.

"When we did our read-through, because you're reading all six scripts and everyone's there and most people have been involved with it from the very beginning, we got to the last scene of the sixth episode and really, really embarrassingly, I kind of lost my s**t a little bit. I just couldn't read it," she said.


Horgan spent plenty of time thinking about the final scene before the time came to write it.

She became so emotional while it was filming that she couldn't speak to Delaney.

"On set, when Rob did his last scene, I couldn't even talk to him," she told Second Captains on RTE Radio One.

"I was just like, 'I'm going to email you. Everything I'm feeling now I've got no way I can express it'. I haven't done the email yet."

Horgan expects the final series to come to our screens next year.

"But we haven't got a set date yet. We're just editing it at the moment," she said.

"It'll be ready soon, but there's all sorts of stuff you need to work out with Channel 4 first."

The show follows characters Sharon and Rob, who have a one-night stand after meeting in a bar in London.

Sharon soon finds out she's pregnant and the pair decide to raise the child together, with Rob moving to the UK from America to be with her.

Horgan, who was born in London and raised in Co Meath, is juggling a number of projects at the minute.

She is involved in the upcoming comedy Women On The Verge.

It was also recently announced that she will direct her first feature film, A New World, with actress Olivia Wilde slated to produce.