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Cash-strapped Gilligan fails to claim €2k dole

CONVICTED drug trafficker John Gilligan has not claimed any of the €2,200 worth of social welfare benefits that he is entitled to since his release from prison.

It has been revealed that the cash-strapped gangster has not signed on to the dole since he was released from Portlaoise prison late last year.

The 61-year-old has missed out on a total of 12 weeks of dole payments, which could potentially amount to over €2,000.

It has been reported that the pint-sized gangster has been struggling financially since he was released from prison, and that he has been demanding thousands of euro from former associates and allies.

Gilligan may still be entitled to claim the payments from the social welfare, if he can prove that he has had no other source of income for the time lapsed.

Just weeks ago, the crime lord suffered a huge blow in the courts when the Criminal Assets Bureau won a High Court order which allowed them sell off Jessbrook Equestrian Centre, previously owned by Gilligan. The bureau was also backed by the Supreme Court.

The court refused to put a stay on the order, and CAB reached a deal to sell off the equestrian centre.


The bureau has now agreed a sale with a buyer for close to the asking price of €550,000 for the centre at Mucklon, near the Kildare-Meath border. Contracts to close the sale are expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

It was also reported last month that the convicted criminal narrowly avoided an attempt on his life after a gunman entered the Halfway House looking for him – however he was drinking in another pub just one mile away.

Gilligan brushed this off as a late Halloween prank, but has been reportedly in hiding since.

The ruthless gangster made millions in the 1990s, when his drug smuggling operation was at its peak.

The criminal walked free from Portlaoise prison in October after serving 15 years for drug offences.